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Sherrill Searle, Founder of Solve Mental Health Charity

Mrs Mhairi Wright


I met Sherrill during my 30+ years working as an accountant and tax advisor, and when she set up SOLVE Mental Health Charity, she contacted me about bringing my accounting skills to benefit SOLVE Mental Health Charity. I am also a trustee of Hertfordshire Independent Living Services, a social enterprise which provides support to the most vulnerable people in our community in Hertfordshire. The SOLVE Charity provides different services, but has similar aims regarding the provision of support to vulnerable people, and I was therefore pleased to become a Trustee for The SOLVE Charity. I am married with a daughter and a grand-daughter.

Dr Anne Weatherley


I have worked as a GP in Kent for 35 years. I believe in a holistic patient- centred approach to medical care and strive to empower patients to find the best possible care to improve and maintain their health and quality of life. Mental health and resilience is an important part of this which is why I am involved with SOLVE Mental Health Charity. I am married with two sons and a daughter.

Telephone enquiries: 01304 611300

Monday to Friday 09:30 to 17:30

Email enquiries: info@solvementalhealth.charity


The need for fundraising is vital, as Solve Mental Health Charity (otherwise known as The Solve Charity) will be paying for private treatment to psychiatrists and therapists for people who have severe mental health issues and whose previous treatment has ended.

We are looking for people to help us raise funds for Solve Mental Health Charity in order to help solve some of the mental health problems in the community and help spread the word about mental health issues to their friends, their friends' friends and so on - even to those living out of the initial support area of The Solve Charity, which is limited to the South East Kent Coastal NHS, but the long-term aim is to eventually help all those in England and Wales who meet its support criteria.

Charities are facing great difficulties in getting income in the current economic situation. Mental health issues are very real to the sufferers and they are just as important as physical health issues. Both health elements need to be addressed in order to heal the whole person in a holistic manner. Please come and help us raise funds today and into the future! 

The Solve Charity is not a primary care provider, nor an emergency service. See below for more external help and support links.


Sherrill Searle

Founder and Chairman of Trustees

ABOUT THE FOUNDER: I was born an only child in 1949.  My father was always my rock. We shared precious moments, some happy, some sad, in an otherwise lonely childhood.

As it happens with those we love, I instinctively knew from a very early age that something was not quite right. Returning from a boarding school I would often ask my mother, why (as it appeared to me) my father was only ill and often in tears, when I came home.

It was thought better by the family to keep me in the dark. I grew a very concerned and sensitive child.

When I was fifteen, my 52 year old father took his own life. I was left feeling completely numb, guilty, and carrying a great weight of unanswered questions. To this day I find it difficult to cry.

As a child my father called me Squirrel, and in his honour LUNA the Squirrel is now the emblem for the SOLVE Mental Health Charity Supporters Club.

It has taken a life time to add up the pieces and learn from the experiences.

I too was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995. My son, who was 16 years of age at that time lived with me. Diagnosis might have helped me to understand the reasons behind my often, conflicting feelings, but it did not ease the darkness of the journey.

Three years ago, I met with a well respected London Professor of Psychiatry. I consider that day one of the most fortunate of my whole life.  I remember his words – “I will get you on the minimum of medication with the maximum effect”, and quite literally the light was switched on for me to lead a fulfilling life and to change the lives of people around me.

SOLVE Mental Health Charity is a result of a long and complex journey and I would like to extend my grateful thanks to all those people who have helped me to put The SOLVE Charity together and on the map.  Now let us go forward and help those people with mental health problems.

Trevor Bond


I feel my business experience will be of great use to SOLVE Mental Health Charity. I am Sales and Marketing Manager for the Best Western Dover Marina Hotel and Spa and similarly for the Leaf Hotel Group which run the Leaf Hotel in Dover, The Best Western Clifton Hotel in Folkestone, and the Holiday Inn Express in Canterbury. I am a Kent County Councillor, a Dover District Councillor, a Deal Town Councillor, and I am able to bring the experience and knowledge gained in these roles to The SOLVE Charity. In addition, I am a Director of East Kent Housing and the Dover Town Team. I am married and have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

Dr Anne Weatherley, Trustee of Solve Mental Health Charity
Mrs Mhairi Wright, Trustee of Solve Mental Health Charity
Trevor Bond, Trustee of Solve Mental Health Charity

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